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This service is offered because of my life long admiration of dogs . As a young adult I showed and bred German Shorthaired Pointers in the early 1970’s and returned to showing pedigree dogs in 2002 with my “rescue dog” that became the foundation Chesapeake Bay Retriever of my kennels. I am a member of Dogs NSW and a registered Breeder with the kennel name of “Chessiehaven”. My son and I have bred two litters and had champions from both litters.

I was admitted as a solicitor in 1994.In 1997 I commenced Stafford and Associates Solicitors. I was the retained company solicitor for a successful construction company based in Sydney until 2014.Please refer to the profile of Stafford and associates for further detail as to my experience.

I have sat as Chairman (Volunteer) on the Dogs NSW Investigative Committee I am able to assist you if you are the subject of a complaint to Dogs NSW. As a solicitor, I have had several Local Court matters involving dogs, dog owners and the Companion Animal Act. I have also have had many matters of personal injury caused by negligence which has involved the Local, District and Supreme Courts of NSW.

Putting together this web site has led me to address what I consider common legal issues that come with being a dog owner or a dog attack victim. I am willing to represent you legally should you require it, in New South Wales only .

With your positive feedback I will endeavour to refine this web site. .

Dogs and Wills.
Dog Attacks and You the Owner
Dogs and the NSW Road Rules
Dog Attacks and You the Victim
Dogs and Wills.
Dog Owner's Liability Laws of NSW
Dangerous Dogs and Restricted Dogs

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