Reporting a dog attack to Local Council................... a Checklist.

This involves being prepared to answer a predictable series of questions as follows;

• “Who” This has two main elements being identification of the dog(s) and/or owner. The saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words” has been adopted into modern culture. You could have used your camera in your mobile phone or another may have video footage of the attack. CCTV is common to the city and residential areas. You can ask for the name and address of the attacking dog’s owner if they are present, but it may not be given. If the owner provides a name and address still take a discrete photograph of the dog(s) and the owner. If a photograph is not possible try to remember the sex, age and size of both the dog and the owners and anything unusual or distinctive about either.. Even you do not think you are injured, your dog may be hurt so try to get the dog owner's name and address. Try to get the names and address of any witness. You may need them to back up your version of what happened if you and the dog's owner later disagree.

“What” Try to recall of the sequence of events and what was said and by whom and write this down as soon as you can. If you are injured and seek medical assistance anything you say about the attack will be noted by your treating doctor and/or your veterinarian . You should keep records of any medical or veterinary expenses you incur because of the attack. Your wounds and/or the dog’s wounds should be photographed.
“Where” This is simply recording the location of the dog attack. Some dog attacks are a series of incidents which it may have “ranged” over an area of land and/or boundaries. Again a photograph will assist as well a sequential diagram setting out the steps of the attack. .
“When” This is simply recording the time and date of the dog attack.
“How” This will involve recalling the whole of the attack and anything relevant that may have occurred before, during or after the attack as well as the impact of the attack on you and/or your dog.

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