My Dog will outlive me what shall I do? Should I leave money to my dog?

Most dog owners are sadly, faced with the brevity of their dog's life span and outlive their pet. Just like a parent who wants their child to be taken care of when they die, pet owners hope their pets will still be well taken care of should the owner die. For people who are elderly or seriously ill, this can be a great concern.

Some people make informal arrangements i.e. there is an "understanding" that a friend, neighbour, or relative will care for a dog if the owner can't. Often that's enough, but not always. What if, for example, the person you've asked to provide care doesn't have much money to spare, and might be burdened by food and veterinary bills? Or isn't able to care for the dog like you do? Or something happens to them causing serious injury and/or death?

Usually, it is better to make more formal provisions for your dog's care. Before we get into specifics about what you can do, here are a few legal and practical rules to keep in mind:


You cannot leave money or other property to your
dog through a will as a dog is not a legal entity.


You can leave your dog, and perhaps some money for expenses,
to someone you trust to look after it.


Remember if you rely on the legal system to enforce your wishes concerning care of your pet after you die your reliance could be misplaced. Make your own arrangements with someone you trust. Our legal system, when it comes to issues of Wills and Estates is arguably one of the most expensive forms of litigation in NSW.

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